Posted by admin on November 18, 2013


  • “I’ll never look at Pissarro in the same way again.”

  • “It is well written, beautifully illustrated and of immense interest, even to we two not- very-art  aware people!”

  • “This book pairs crystalline images with clear, engaging facts.”

  • “It (Pissarro’s Places) fills a gap for those who want more than dry, often obtuse
    academic exposition.”

  • “She invites us to stand exactly where the artist stood with then-and-now views of actual
    sites of pictures that are reproduced in the book.”

  • “Come along and travel to Pissarro's Places with one of his most passionate admirers,
    Ann Saul. Her aim was to make the man and his work accessible to people like you and
    me and she has accomplished it with much style.”
  • “The author writes clearly and well and brings the locations to life with her information. I 
    hope to visit some of these sites someday but for now, I can enjoy them vicariously.”


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Ann Saul